Document Processing Specialist

Application deadline: June 30, 2019


Location: Puyallup, WA (close To Tacoma)


Required skills: Ability to quickly proofread and detect errors in formatting.

MUST possess intermediate to expert skills in Microsoft Word – Microsoft Outlook –  editing abilities.

Salary range: Starting pay: $17.50 an hour during training period (6 – 9 months) with salary increase after completion of training.

Education Requirements:   HS Diploma is required


BA / BS degree ORtwo +years of office experience (where proofing documents and attention to detail were essential elements of your job requirements.)


Essential Duties/Responsibilities:    

The primary responsibility will be to collect, revise, and process clinical trial and protocol documents in preparation for our board’s review.

Review and edit the documents to comply with company formatting standards.

Enter data into proprietary software.

Work effectively in a queue with high volumes and frequent changes, all while meeting rigid deadlines.

Maintain both speed and accuracy requirements.


If interested and qualifiedto pursue this position, please take a moment to answer the following questions (copy and paste to WORD document) and email your response & your resume*(as Word document) to:


*To increase your chance for an opportunity to interview for this position please review the complete job description and edit your resume (if necessary) to make sure it accurately reflects the requirements  outlined above.



Candidates Name: 

Yearly Salary Range Desired: $


  1. Match job criteria with your skills & experience:

list 4 specific ways you are a great match for the position





  1. Availability to interview:
  2. Available start date if/when job is offered:
  3. Have you applied (on your own or through a recruiter) for any Document Processing Specialist position(s) with similar job description?
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