Did you hear our big announcement? Our new membership site – Understanding Your Child with Autism – is live! Through this program we teach ABA strategies to parents, teachers and professionals in a way that allows our members to immediately apply what they’ve learned.

The new newsletter will compliment the membership, but don’t worry if the membership isn’t for you! You will still get plenty of useful information. We want everyone to get access to the information they need.

Understanding Behavior

You’re visiting your parents with your 4-year-old son Jerome who was just diagnosed with autism. Your mom greets you at the door and sweeps Jerome into a bear hug. He immediately starts shrieking and hitting his head with his hand. She lets go and asks, “What’s he doing?”

If you’re a parent, teacher or professional of a child with autism you probably wonder pretty frequently why he does what he does. Sometimes it may seem like a complete mystery. And if he’s not able to tell you you might feel like you’ll never know.

Fortunately the techniques used by Applied Behavior Analysis can bridge the gap and help you understand your child’s perspective – and you can learn to use these strategies yourself. The information on our blog, as well as our membership will show you how.


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